Reflectable makes it easy for teachers, caregivers and parents to build best practices for supporting young children and their healthy development, week by week.

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A Digital Coach in Your Pocket

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In our work with early childhood communities, we noticed it is a challenge for teachers, caregivers and parents to take what they have learned from trainings or classes and make it actionable. They are often expected to do it all, without ongoing support to practice what they are learning, and with little time on their hands. This is an implementation gap.

We began to wonder how might we close the gap and make what parents and teachers learn really stick?

To answer this question, we co-designed Reflectable with teachers and professional learning experts to address this challenge and empower teachers, caregivers, and families to reflect on and practice what they’ve learned – all in just a few minutes a week.

Reflectable is a simple online tool that can be customized to support any learning strategy or curriculum and has successfully supported teachers and caregivers on topics ranging from social-emotional learning, to child behavior, to dual language learning.

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What makes Reflectable different?

Reflectable blends behavioral science, reflective practice, and data into an easy-to-use tool that:

  • Provides mindfulness exercises for busy teachers, caregivers and families
  • Reinforces training by providing refreshers on content and making it actionable
  • Creates a chance to focus on one strategy at a time and then reflect, allowing for changes in practice to occur week by week
  • Offers an opportunity to tailor practices to the needs of individual children
  • Builds confidence and efficacy in applying training content
  • Supports planning by prompting “What can I do next?”

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The Details

What You Can Expect

What Teachers, Caregivers & Families Get

  • Self-directed quality improvement through self-reflection, goal-setting, planning, nudges, reminders
  • Training content broken into bite-sized chunks and weekly achievable goals
  • Real-time data to track goals and progress toward desired child outcomes

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What Administrators Get

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  • Aggregated data for program planning and coaching purposes
  • Insight into where people are focusing efforts and how they are progressing
  • Reinforces and extends existing investments in training and professional development

The Impact

Reflectable users said it has helped them be more intentional with children, remember strategies, plan for the week ahead, and sustain what they learned from trainings.

In a multi-year pilot program in Franklin-McKinley School District in San Jose, CA, the tool has seen strong evaluation results. The majority of teachers who used Reflectable to reinforce other professional learning supports achieved highly proficient teacher practice observation scores (98%) – significantly higher than benchmark scores (80%).

A recent 2021 evaluation by Engage R+D shows that Reflectable benefits both teachers and children. Teachers who used Reflectable saw improved teacher practice observation scores compared to those who did not use the tool. Children with teachers who used Reflectable appear to have improved child development scores, were more likely to have higher formative assessment scores on desired outcomes, and were more likely to exhibit kindergarten readiness.