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Every person deserves to have their voice heard and their perspectives considered when decisions are being made. Join us in speaking up for policies that put children and families first.

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Share your story or contact legislators to help make an impact on local, state and federal policies.

Ask Congress to Make a Lasting Investment in America’s Next Generation

Join Start Early in asking Congress to pass the American Families Plan. Write a letter to your legislator expressing what the promise of the American Families Plan means to you.

Act Now

Start Early's grassroots advocacy aims to improve the lives of young children and families by educating legislators and policymakers and urging them to prioritize early learning care at local, state and federal levels.

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Our Priority Areas

Our priority areas emphasize policy and systems change that help create early childhood systems that promote quality and effectively meet the needs of the children and families who need them most.

The Role of Families

We elevate family and caregiver voices to ensure our efforts result in early learning programs and systems that are accessible and truly responsive to the needs and desires of families.

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Program Quality

We advocate for policies and systems that support high-quality programs grounded in parent voice and result in improved child and family outcomes.

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Comprehensive Systems

Our work supports connected, comprehensive early childhood systems that provide all children and their families with equitable access to high-quality services from before birth through age 5.

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