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Corporate Partnerships

Start Early offers unique opportunities for businesses to engage employees and invest in our future workforce.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left countless families without access to child care, early learning programs or in-person instruction. Many families face the difficult decision to leave their jobs or hire additional assistance to properly care for their children, who are now at home.

At Start Early, we are working closely with our partners to remediate the global health crisis’ detrimental impact on parents and caregivers in today’s diverse and vast workforce. Together, we must highlight the critical role early learning centers and schools play in the reopening of our economy.

Start Early gives corporate partners the opportunity to invest in quality early learning and care programs and directly promote a successful and robust workforce.

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Become a Partner

If you are interested in becoming a corporate partner, we can work closely with your team to create customized opportunities that educate and engage your employees in a shared mission to close the opportunity gap and ensure access to quality educational experiences for all children and families.

In partnership, we can help you:

  • Distinguish your brand
  • Connect with target audiences
  • Recruit and retain talent
  • Give back to your community in ways consistent with your mission
  • Achieve other business objectives

How do quality early learning and care programs impact our workforce?

For every dollar invested in early childhood programs, society yields a $6.30 return, improving education, employment and health outcomes and saving on later remediation costs.1

Children who experience quality early learning and care programs:

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Are 25% more likely to graduate high school 2

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Are 4x more likely to have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher 3

Male doctor

Earn up to 25% more in wages as an adult 4

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