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Start Early (formerly known as the Ounce) conducts rigorous research and evaluation to elevate the expertise of early childhood professionals and support better learning environments for all young children and their families.

Priority Areas

We share our findings and best practices with policymakers, practitioners and funders to improve the quality of early learning and care across the country.

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Supporting Children & Families

Our research on child development helps advance instructional methods and advocacy efforts that improve high-quality early childhood experiences. Our team also studies and evaluates methods and tools that support family engagement both at school and at home.

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Supporting the Early Childhood Workforce

We study and evaluate what it takes to best support early childhood professionals and improve organizational conditions for practitioners in the field.

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Driving Policy

We study and evaluate the policies that affect young children, their families and the professionals that support them in the city of Chicago and across the country.

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Publications & Resources

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