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Community of Practice Posters 2024

View and download posters from the 2024 National Home Visiting Summit Advocacy & Policy and Professional Development Communities of Practice.

Community of Practice (CoP) posters from the 2024 National Home Visiting Summit are available below as a resource. These include a poster from the Advocacy & Policy CoP highlighting their work from the previous year, as well as posters from two Professional Development Project Teams on this year’s research projects.

Professional Development CoP

Establishing Coaching Behaviors for Home Visitors

Start Early’s National Community of Practice (CoP) for Home Visitor Professional Development has developed and begun conducting an eDelphi study to conceptualize the behaviors and beliefs that comprise current approaches for coaching home visitors. This poster will present the survey as well as an overview of the study’s methods, progress, and expected benefits.

Advocacy & Policy CoP

This poster is intended to provide high-level information about the membership, activities, and key lessons learned from the National Home Visiting Summit Advocacy & Policy Community of Practice. This poster describes key advocacy strategies, public financing tools, and state home visiting policy wins as covered in the 2023 CoP cycle.

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