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Community of Practice Posters 2022

View and download posters from the 2022 National Home Visiting Summit Advocacy & Policy and Professional Development Communities of Practice.

Community of Practice posters from the 2022 National Home Visiting Summit are available below as a resource. These include a poster from the Advocacy & Policy CoP highlighting their work from the previous year, as well as posters from each of the four Professional Development Project Teams on this year’s research projects.

Professional Development


This poster is ideal for those interested in coaching and the use of coaching to build critical competencies and confidence in home visitor interactions with families. Our project is entitled, “Pathways to Promoting Home Visitors’ Competence through Coaching.” This poster is intended to prompt a discussion on the role of coaching to foster the development of a home visitor’s effectiveness in work with families. We explored specific areas of a home visitor’s ‘doing’, ‘being’, and ‘knowing’ that impact outcomes and ways that coaching can support development in these areas.

Professional Development

Learner Support

This poster is ideal for anyone interested in starting, facilitating, or improving the benefit and experience of a community of practice for purposes of professional development and support. This team examined the learning strategy of communities of practice and created a ‘road map’ that supports a meaningful, productive, and impactful experience for practitioners in home visiting. We used the very experience of team members (as facilitators and participants) in a range of types of communities of practice as a lens for the study of ‘best practices’. 

Professional Development

Science of Learning Poster

This poster is ideal for those who use technology in supervision or professional development and are interested in strengthening the effectiveness of their interactions with home visitors. Our team members examined the “hallmarks” of the effective use of technology for purposes of professional development and supervision. We explored the importance of and ways to give specific attention to home visitor/learner self-care as key to their engagement and readiness to learn. Our paper and poster also discuss the implementation of trauma-informed approaches in professional development and makes recommendations for improving the quality of impact of virtual interactions. 

Professional Development

Curriculum Design & Delivery

This poster is ideal for those thinking about how best to choose and use a mix of in-person and virtual learning effectively with a diverse home visiting workforce. Welcome to the poster session for the Curriculum Design and Delivery project team. We examined hybrid virtual training: the benefits, challenges, and considerations for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. 

Advocacy & Policy

Advocacy & Policy Community of Practice Highlights

This poster is ideal for current and potential interested CoP members, including local, state, and national early childhood advocates. This poster also features the Advocacy & Policy Community of Practice highlights from the last year and our priorities for future home visiting policy work.