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Community of Practice Posters 2023

View and download posters from the 2023 National Home Visiting Summit Advocacy & Policy and Professional Development Communities of Practice.

Community of Practice (CoP) posters from the 2023 National Home Visiting Summit are available below as a resource. These include a poster from the Advocacy & Policy CoP highlighting their work from the previous year, as well as posters from two Professional Development Project Teams on this year’s research projects.

Advocacy & Policy

Advocacy & Policy CoP Poster

This poster is ideal for current or prospective CoP members and those who would like to learn more about the work of the CoP. The Advocacy & Policy Community of Practice provides national, state and community advocates with sound policy information and outreach strategies with a goal of promoting greater investment in effective home visiting services for young children and families across our nation. This poster session overviews the membership composition, policy priorities, and recent successes of the CoP.

Professional Development

Promoting DEIB in the Home Visiting Workspace: Professional Development and Career Pathways

This poster is ideal for those in leadership positions at the national, state and community levels who want to understand prevalent challenges facing the home visiting workforce and ways to make a difference to improve recruitment, retention, and advancement of BIPOC practitioners. This poster presents a project team’s shared examination of the challenges and strategies that can be used to promote diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging through professional development and career pathways. It also provides links to research, examples of innovations and resources for use at the national, state and community level. Also available is a paper that accompanies the poster for more details and in depth examination of the challenges and strategies.

Professional Development

Establishing Behaviors for Coaching Home Visitors: A Modified e-Delphi Study with HV Partners

What makes coaching effective? Those engaged in supporting the development of home visitor skills and abilities through coaching will find this poster session about a new study of interest. Start Early’s Community of Practice (CoP) for Home Visitor Professional Development is conducting an eDelphi study to conceptualize the behaviors and beliefs that comprise current approaches for coaching home visitors. A preliminary survey of coaching behaviors and knowledge areas has been constructed by the CoP, based on literature reviews and discussions of coaching experiences. This survey is the basis for the eDelphi study which will engage home visiting stakeholders (e.g., home visitors, supervisors, program directors, and researchers) in an iterative process for conceptualizing coaching. This poster will present the preliminary survey as well as an overview of the study’s methods, progress, and expected benefits.

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