Guidance for Use

More detail on the intended use for the Washington State Home Visiting Core Competencies.

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While the best uses of this “first edition” of the core competencies will be discovered over time by Home Visitors and Supervisors, there are several areas identified by the field for how they could and should be used. For example, the workforce stated they intend to use the competencies for self-assessment, planning for individual professional development, informing job descriptions, and recruiting and onboarding new Home Visitors and Supervisors. Similarly, many Home Visitors and Supervisors shared two hopes: that the competencies would demonstrate the depth and breadth of expertise required in their work with families and be used to inform advocacy efforts to increase and improve equity in pay across the home visiting workforce.

Revisions will likely be needed based on how the core competencies are used over time; therefore, ongoing input through shared ideas and feedback by practitioners is actively encouraged.

Start Early Washington’s home visiting team will use the Washington State Home Visiting Core Competencies to “connect the dots” between the competencies and training opportunities for Home Visitors and Supervisors to promote a high quality and more equitable home visiting system.