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National Home Visiting Virtual Summit

February 22 - 26, 2021

Virtual Conference
Registered attendees will be able to engage with content and sign-up for sessions when the pre-conference website opens the week of February 8. Attendees will receive an email with login information.

The National Home Visiting Summit brings together systems leaders, practitioners, advocates and decision-makers in a collaborative pursuit to advance the home visiting field and systems of care to increase service quality and improve outcomes.

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Learn more about the National Home Visiting Summit

Find helpful information about registering for the 2021 National Home Visiting Summit and get a feel for what to expect by exploring our materials from our past Summits.

Register for the 2021 National Home Visiting Summit

Registration for the 2021 National Home Visiting Summit is now closed. For questions, please contact the Start Early conference team at Events@StartEarly.org.

Virtual Conference Overview

Pre-conference forums – February 9-21, 2021: the virtual conference will begin with pre-conference forums available to all registered attendees starting Tuesday, February 9, and will run up until the start of the Summit on Monday, February 22. The pre-conference forums will provide participants with the opportunity to enter the virtual conference website to update personal profiles, begin to engage with on demand content and discussion boards, and connect with conference attendees via virtual discussion groups. The Start Early conference team will also use this time to provide user-training to help attendees learn how to interact and navigate the conference website before the Summit. The pre-conference forum is available to all attendees as part of registering for the Summit. For more details on both pre-conference and conference forums, check out our 2021 Virtual Summit Agenda.

View Agenda 

The Summit – February 22-26, 2021: the virtual Summit will consist of 5-days with live sessions being held between 12:00 p.m.– 5:00 p.m. EST. Below is a snapshot of the week-long schedule. All registered attendees will receive email notifications, including session announcements, news and engagement opportunities.

  • Day 1 (2/22/21) – Communities of Practice, Group Discussion Forums and Virtual Live Poster Session
  • Day 2-4 (2/22-25/21) – Plenary Session and all Live General Sessions, Affinity Groups and Discussion Forums continue
  • Day 5 (2/26/21) – Repeat High-demand Live Sessions, Group Discussion Forums continue, Communities of Practice Wrap-Up

Participating Virtually: to fully engage in the 2021 virtual Summit experience, we encourage attendees to consider the following when deciding to attend the conference.

  • Stable internet connection for joining live sessions and streaming on demand recorded content.
  • A computer or mobile device with the ability to connect 2-way audio (listening & speaking) is required for joining sessions where verbal engagement is required (speaking via your computer or mobile device). We recommend using a headset or a connection via your mobile device. There will not be a telephone number to connect audio on the conference website.
  • Busy during the time of a live session? All live session content will be recorded and made available on demand for registered attendees.
  • To fully leverage the power of the Summit audience, we encourage every attendee to create profiles on the conference website. Here, you will share your professional biography, headshot, social media, email address, and interests in the field to help you connect with attendees. A smiling face next to a comment is a simple step to help create social connectedness while being physically apart.

Attendee Registration

Registration Type Price
Conference Attendee – Early Bird
(October 22 – December 31, 2020)
Conference Attendee
(January 1 – February 5, 2021)
Graduate Student Rate $50
Presenters & Speakers Complimentary

Registration Deadline: all Summit registration will close on Friday, February 5.

Payment Details: credit card/debit card payment at the time of registration is strongly preferred. We encourage attendees to be ready to make their payment when registering for the conference.

Attendees that select the ‘bill me later’ option should have the intention of paying by check or purchase order. If you choose the ‘bill me later’ option, you have 30-days from the registration date to submit payment for the conference or provide a written explanation for why your payment is expected to be late. Should the conference organizing team not receive payment or receive notification from you after issuing a late payment notification, the conference organizer reserves the right to cancel your registration. Upon completing registration, you will receive a confirmation email containing an invoice and additional instructions for completing your payment. The invoice must be attached when submitting your payment. Failure to attach the invoice or follow the instructions accordingly may result in delays in processing your payment. Please send all inquiries to Events@StartEarly.org.

Cancellation Policy: all sales are final. Credits will not be issued for future events.

Substitution Policy: if you cannot attend the National Home Visiting Summit, you may transfer your registration to another person until February 5, 2021, at no cost. Substituting registration can be done by logging into the registration website and selecting the ‘Transfer Registration’ option. Once the transfer is submitted, the new attendee will automatically receive an email containing a link to enter their information into the conference’s registration site. Please note; you will need your confirmation number to log in to the website.

Need help transferring registration on your own? Email the conference planning team at Events@StartEarly.org with both the original and substitute registrants’ names and email addresses. If you submitted a request for substitution, please be patient as this process may take several business days to complete.

HARC Annual Meeting

We look forward to another exciting year of collaboration as we partner to feature selected Home Visiting Applied Research Collaborative (HARC) presentations at the 2021 National Home Visiting Summit. HARC will host their annual meeting from March 15 – 17, 2021. The HARC website will have additional information in the coming weeks. The HARC website will have additional information in the coming weeks.

2020 National Home Visiting Summit

Take a look at agendas, conference materials and highlights from plenary sessions from past National Home Visiting Summits to get a feel for what to expect.

Plenary Sessions

Watch the plenary sessions from the 2020 National Home Visiting Summit. The sessions addressed some of the most pressing issues facing the home visiting field today including morbidity, home visiting as the primary vehicle for a range of intervention models and workforce development.

Learn More

2019 National Home Visiting Summit

Plenary Sessions

Watch the plenary sessions from the 2019 National Home Visiting Summit. Topics include maternal morbidity, precision home visiting and immigration policies.

Learn More

Communities of Practice

The National Home Visiting Summit’s Communities of Practice are focused on developing peer learning communities dedicated to the most pressing issues in the home visiting field. The communities will utilize the learning group’s collective knowledge and experience to promote broad practice, policy and systems change/knowledge building.

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Find out more about our first ever virtual conference

Frequently Asked Questions

Start Early (formerly known as the Ounce) hosting the first virtual National Home Visiting Summit. This format provides the field with the opportunity to have more participants and perspectives represented than ever before.

As a result of the public health risks and subsequent restrictions on mass gatherings posed by COVID-19 the 2021 National Home Visiting Summit will be a virtual conference.

We will be expanding the dates of the Summit to February 22-26, 2021. Pre-Summit forums will be available February 10-21, 2021.

Start Early is currently reviewing plans to return to Washington D.C. for the 2022 conference on January 26-28, 2022. A decision will be made and shared this spring.

Advocates, community health workers, decision makers, home visitors, practitioners, researchers, system leaders, connected systems of care (pediatrics, early education, housing etc.)

Yes, the same quality content will be presented in an online setting. Virtual events offer the ability to socially connect and learn beyond a designated time period. Just like at the in-person Summit, attendees choose sessions to fit their interests, meet top experts and connect with colleagues from across the field.

Yes, we are being very intentional in creating more networking/meeting opportunities in the virtual space. Attendees will be encouraged to create a profile with photo/bio and connect with social media. Affinity groups and additional peer learning groups will be available for sign-up.

We call these ‘blended activities’ as it provides a mix of live and virtual engagement. Once live sessions take place those recordings will be made available after completion. This format will provide attendees with the ability to socially network, engage with presenters, and attend sessions live or at a time that is best for you.

Lightening Talks
Session Description: 5-minute recorded presentations on key issues/questions facing the field. Lightning Talks can also be focused on sharing a single resource, strategy, or innovation. Presenters will be given the opportunity to engage participants by hosting a discussion board linked to the video.
Session Length: 5 minutes
Delivery Method: On demand
Session Capacity: N/A

PechaKucha (Paw-chalk’-Ahh-Cha)
Session Description: PechaKucha (Japanese for “chatter or chit chat”) storytelling presentation format. 20 slides x 20 seconds commentary per slide. PowerPoints are to be set to advance every 20-seconds automatically. Slides should contain images with little to no text. This format is most commonly used to tell a story and will require presenters to practice commentary ahead of the recording. No exceptions will be made to the format, we encourage you to use the structured format to spur creativity and engagement. PehcaKucha recordings will be pre-recorded with a discussion board linked to the video. *If interest is high a live session along with a moderated Q&A will be hosted.
Session Length: 6:40 minutes
Delivery Method: On demand
Session Capacity: N/A

Session Description: Create an audio recording of a conversation on a question or issue facing the field.
Session Length: 10-60 minutes
Delivery Method: On demand

Collaborative Learn Shop
Session Description: Collaborative learnshops engage participants in learning and peer reflection over the course of several weeks. This format provides both speakers and participants with the ability to dive deeper into topics and unpack learning collaboratively. Resources and materials will be shared along with a community discussion board to host engagement before, during, and after the virtual experience. Collaborative learnshops can also be designed for participants within a certain job function/role or affinity group. Spanning over the course of several weeks collaborative learnshops will be planned as part of the pre-conference experience starting January – February of 2021. Learnshops with high demand may be asked to repeat the experience as part of the post-conference experience February – March 2021. This session type is intended for a smaller audience to encourage peer engagement and reflection. Presenters have the option to pre-record content to focus live sessions on engagement.
Session Length: 45-60 minutes (2-4 sessions)
Delivery Method: Mix of live and on demand
Session Capacity: 30-75

Facilitated Community Discussion ‘VR Round Table’
Session Description: Pre-recorded video/presentation/podcast or written report/paper + 30-minute live VR discussion. Pre-recorded content can be created by the facilitators or curated from past work. The content of the recording/report will be the focus of the live discussion. Facilitators will be asked to provide discussion questions and will be asked to host an online discussion board. Sessions with high demand may be asked to repeat the experience. Discussion forums are limited to 50 participants to allow for both verbal and non-verbal audience engagement.
Session Length: 30 minutes
Delivery Method: Mix of live and on demand
Session Capacity: 50

Panel Presentation
Session Description: Explore topics of common interest using innovative thought-provoking content blended with audience participation. Presenters act as content leaders, presenting short segments of content and then lead engaging activities, group discussion and participant reflection segments on how to apply their new knowledge to practice. This session can include pre-recorded video/presentation/podcast or written report/paper + 30-minute VR panel discussion OR be just a live 30-minute VR panel discussion. Participants would be engaged via non-verbal feedback methods (chat, polls, Q&A).
Session Length: 30-45 minutes
Delivery Method: Mix of live and on demand
Session Capacity: 1,000

Virtual Poster Session
Session Description: Live poster session in VR exhibition hall; w/optional recorded presentation. Presenters engage participants live and via a discussion board linked to the poster presentation.
Session Length: 60 minutes
Delivery Method: Mix of live and on demand
Session Capacity: N/A

Yes, the conference planning team will provide information training sessions for speakers and participants to help you maximize your virtual conference experience. Real-time tech support will be provided during the week of the Summit.

Registration for the 2021 Summit closed on Feb. 5. Sign up to receive updates on future event information.

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The conference scheduled is now available! View our 2021 Virtual Conference Agenda.

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Thank You to Our Generous Funders

The 2021 National Home Visiting Summit and Communities of Practice were made possible by:

Heising-Simons Foundation Pritzker Children's Initiative

Steering Committee