Start Early Policy Agenda

Our vision for policy and systems change nationwide to create stronger, more equitable programs and systems for children, families and the early childhood workforce.

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Start Early’s Policy Agenda lays out our vision for policy and systems change nationwide, outlining the opportunities at the federal, state and community levels that will help create early childhood systems that promote quality and effectively meet the needs of the children and families who need them most. It is grounded in our decades of work with children, families, the workforce, and systems leaders, as well as our efforts to advance equity.

As our road map for the next three years (2021-2023), the agenda articulates our commitments, our views on critical early learning and care issues, and the policy levers we aim to pull across three areas: next generation program quality; building connected, comprehensive and equitable systems; and elevating family voice and the role of families.

The Start Early Policy Agenda is our foundation as we work broadly across child and family-serving systems to influence policy and drive investments that help us advocate for change. Specifically, we advance policy change through systems building; legislative, administrative, and grassroots advocacy; and consultation and thought leadership.

Our State-Based Policy Work

Our state-based policy and advocacy teams in Illinois and Washington use our Policy Agenda as a foundation to respond to the unique opportunities and policy levers in their state. See how our Policy Agenda translates into on-the-ground work in individual states that drives quality, equity and access in early learning and care. 

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Start Early Policy Agenda

Resources & News

Read the latest updates as we work to implement our vision for policy and systems change nationwide.