Priority Areas

Our goal is to create effective, equitable and interconnected educational opportunities for our youngest learners and their families.

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Supporting Children & Families

Our advisory and advocacy efforts are focused on promoting and enhancing the policies and systems that support increasing access and quality of early learning and care opportunities that promote healthy development for young children. We are also committed to ensuring parents feel supported and empowered and can engage in their children’s learning and long-term development — even before the birth of a child.

We take a comprehensive approach to drive improvement across a wide spectrum of early childhood priorities: infant and maternal mental health, social and emotional learning, home visiting, early intervention services and increased access to quality child care and pre-K across the country. We advocate for policies and funding in Illinois, Washington State and across the country that support home visiting programs, with a special focus on vulnerable populations and families that need extra supports.

Supporting the Early Childhood Workforce

A well-trained and well-compensated workforce is essential to the delivery of quality early learning and care opportunities for all children. Early learning and care professionals — particularly home visitors and doulas — need to have access to and funding for training, degree programs and certification programs. Our policy and advocacy work supports states across the country so they can establish a qualified, culturally diverse, multilingual and stable early learning and care workforce.

Advocating for Change

We strive to strengthen and sustain the systems and programs that underpin child and family resiliency. By working to mobilize local, state and federal investments in support of early care, health and education, our policy teams help ensure that critical funding is protected, and that programs and services are able to sustain and grow the number of children and families they serve. Access to resources like affordable health care and Head Start/Early Head Start programs are foundational to children’s learning, growth and development.

Connecting Communities

We work in partnership with other organizations, peers and advocates to create stronger and better-coordinated early childhood systems. Our advisory, peer learning and policy work promotes strategies to overcome disconnects in service and promote better coordination and integration among all the functions that impact young children and their families. We pay special attention to issues related to training and workforce development, including home visitors and doulas, as well as provide consultatory services on how to blend disparate funding sources to deliver services more efficiently.

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