Pamela Williams

Start Early Washington’s ParentChild+ Washington State Program Director

Pamela Williams is the ParentChild+ Washington State Program Director with Start Early Washington, supporting a diverse group of organizations implementing one-to-one and home-based family child care models statewide. She trains site coordinators, ensures model fidelity, and supports new program development.

Pamela is a Pennsylvania native with over 20 years of supporting family literacy and an unwavering dedication to expanding services for low-income families. Her successful career includes expanding family literacy services (ABE & ESL services, Parenting Education, and Home Visiting Services) to support low-income, low-literacy, and ELL families with young children.

Pamela holds degrees from Temple and Drexel Universities, has presented at conferences worldwide, and serves on local and national advisory committees, including the Washington state Home Visiting Services Account (HVSA) and the World Organization for Early Childhood Education (OMEP-USA).