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Striving for Excellence — Start Early Becomes IACET Provider

Start Early recently received IACET accreditation for its professional development programs. Learn more about how we’re building expertise and scaling our impact in the field.

October 3, 2019
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Start Early recently received IACET accreditation for its professional development programs. In this blog post, we share our insights on how Start Early is building expertise and scaling its impact in the early childhood field.

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Innovative thinking, commitment to excellence and a drive to improve: three key aspects of any organization determined to be the cream of the crop. Start Early is steadfastly pursuing all three, exemplified by our recent IACET accreditation of our professional development offerings.

The International Association of Continuing Education Training (IACET) accreditation is the gold standard in professional development. Receiving this honor is the ultimate validation of the quality training and learning experiences that we provide to the field. Start Early has always focused on tackling the challenges facing the field of early childhood education on a national scale, and this recent IACET accreditation will now allow us to do that with even greater impact.

If you’re new to IACET, you may be wondering why IACET programs are so highly regarded? The application process is rigorous, and requires detailed information and evidence supporting every facet of the program, from environments and support systems to record maintenance and follow-up evaluation of learning outcomes. The entire application process took us over a year, and we’re thrilled to say that we can now offer IACET Continuing Education Units to participants in select training programs.

Receiving IACET accreditation has been a long road for Start Early, and a road we continue to travel as we innovate additional professional development offerings for the field. Start Early’s commitment to impacting high-quality early childhood education has been recognized, and we will only go forward from here.