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How to Cultivate Teacher Well-Being & Improve Child Outcomes in Turbulent Times

As we recover from the pandemic and the stressors of the past year, who will care for the caregivers? Early childhood leaders discuss how they’re supporting the staff, families, and children in their programs throughout this challenging time.

May 24, 2021
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With the recent passage of the American Rescue Plan, we are at a critical and unprecedented juncture for early childhood education. With nearly $40 billion in federal stimulus funding to invest in child care alone, the field is facing both an enormous opportunity and an enormous responsibility. This investment is the long overdue catalyst our country needs to expand and deepen our focus on early childhood professionals and their well-being.

During our most recent Building Resilience webinar – How to Cultivate Teacher Well-Being and Improve Child Outcomes in Turbulent Timesthree early childhood leaders from across the country shared how they have been supporting the professional well-being of their staff amidst burnout, fatigue and discrimination, ongoing problems of practice that have been exacerbated by the pandemic.

Throughout the panel discussion, each leader elevated professional development as one method they are employing to improve staff retention and morale. Their use of evidence-based, sustainable professional development strategies in partnership with Start Early has resulted in leadership being able to identify exactly where their staff need support. The use of Start Early Professional Development has also empowered these leaders to carve out the time and space they and their teams need to have necessary conversations about improving quality. With everything else that these leaders were dealing with throughout the past year, they were still able to focus on providing quality services and supports to staff, families, and children in their programs.

Start Early Professional Development is grounded in decades of cutting-edge research demonstrating the direct link between strong leadership, organizational climate and culture and positive child outcomes. Read our qualitative research report detailing what strong organizational environments in programs look and feel like for families and professionals. Leaders, teachers, and families were empowered to realize higher-quality practices and better outcomes for young children.

Interested in learning more about Start Early Professional Development? Reach out to us today to discuss how to best leverage your federal stimulus dollars to support your workforce through this time of transition and into the future. Email ProfessionalDevelopment@StartEarly.org to schedule a conversation with one of our professional learning advisors.

Thank you to our wonderful panelists:

  • Amye Hoskins, Professional Development Specialist, Mississippi Department of Education, Office of Early Childhood
  • Karin Scott, Director of Data and Program Performance, Child Care Associates
  • Andi Bales Molnar, Director Head Start Collaboration, Oregon
  • Facilitators: Debra Pacchiano, VP Translational Research, Start Early and Anisha Ford, Program Manager, Start Early

Building Resilience

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