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Grow Their Excitement for Learning

Four tips to introduce the basics of gardening, nature and healthy vegetables to get your child excited about learning.

August 14, 2020
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Gardening is great way for children to experience nature and science by exploring how things grow and where food comes from while offering opportunities for lessons in math, language, social interactions and cultures.

Here are some tips for how to make your garden grow your child’s excitement for learning.

Top 4 Early Childhood Gardening Tips

  1. Get your child excited about gardening. Create dedicated beds or boxes for your child to use for gardening to create a connection for him to watch as his garden grows.
  2. Bring gardening inside. You can encourage your child’s engagement with the garden inside the home by studying plants and foods and reading related books. One idea is to read Jack and the Beanstalk. After reading the book, you and your child can plant, estimate, measure and document her own beanstalk’s growth.
  3. Involve your family. Gardens are a great place to bring your family together. Children will enjoy taking family members on a walk through their garden. When it comes time to harvest, you can teach your family how to make healthy meals with the fruits of you labor.
  4. Let your child explore. She can take her magnifying glass into the garden and discover insects living in the dirt and among the plants. Encourage grazing and nibbling as your child works in her garden.

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