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Anita’s Story

Inspired by her own parents and teachers that encouraged her to dream big, Anita now helps children and families start early to reach their full potential as an educator. Read her story.

October 1, 2020
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Start Early & Help Every Child Reach Their Full Potential

Starting early is important to me because I am a dreamer. I have been a dreamer since I was a young child growing up in New York. I dreamed of being a singer, a doctor, a lawyer and eventually an educator. My dreams were nourished by my family, my community, and my teachers. All played such an important part in my world. “Dream big,” my parents would say and “Keep dreaming,” my teachers would cheer. I believe all children deserve the opportunity to dream and reach their full potential. Dreams fuel our goals and a quality early childhood education provides the means for us to attain those goals. Now I am an educator and can cheer on young children and their families to dream big and look beyond.

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