Children in child care center
Building Resilience: A Learning Series

Supporting & Sustaining Early Head Start – Child Care Partnerships 

February 3, 2021

2–3 p.m. CST
Join us for a virtual round table discussion between early childhood experts.

Child care in the U.S. is in a state of crisis now more than ever due to the wide-ranging effects of the pandemic. One initiative that offers both short and long-term opportunities to sustain and improve high-quality early care and education is Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships (Partnerships). Partnerships’ innovative approach extends Early Head Start beyond a limited number of centers to include community-based providers, improving care for many more infants and toddlers throughout the country.

To fully understand and benefit from the effectiveness of Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships, we will engage in a virtual round table discussion with leaders from program, policy, and state systems to discuss their own Partnership experiences, including successes, challenges, and opportunities for growth.

As our nation comes together to develop new solutions to resolve the ongoing child care crisis, it is vital that we consider lessons learned from the implementation of the Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships.


  • Melinda George-LeCote, Director, Child Care Assistance Program in Louisiana
  • Amanda Guarino, Policy Director, First Five Years Fund
  • Charlina Tirso, Teacher, Southwest Child Development Center
  • Sujey M. Venegas, Senior Director, Family, Community Engagement, Early Head Start-Childcare Partnership, United Way of Miami-Dade
  • Kristin Bernhard, Senior Vice President, Advocacy and Policy, Start Early
  • Caroline Kohler, Policy Specialist, National Policy, Start Early
  • Abigail Sylvester, Director, Business Strategy, Start Early

Building Resilience

A Learning Series for Early Childhood Programs

About the Series

Building Resilience is a free quarterly webinar series that connects you directly with Start Early childhood learning and development experts. Get the latest insight on building strength and resilience across key areas of your work. Appropriate for all types of programs and early learning professionals, this series will explore:

  • Advancing Equity through Ambitious Instruction
  • Trauma-Informed Family Engagement
  • Leveraging Research to Increase Positive Child Outcomes