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Help Our Youngest Learners Thrive

More than one million new neural connections are formed every second in the first few years of life.


Quality Early Childhood Programs Work

With young brains developing so fast, a child’s first five years are immensely important, making the difference between a bright future and a lifetime of obstacles. And yet, nearly 5 million children live in under-resourced communities in the U.S. and often do not have access to high-quality early learning programs—the types of programs that are proven to:

  • Help children enter kindergarten with the skills needed to succeed in school
  • Increase high school graduation rates and college attendance
  • Increase wages as an adult
  • Reduce long-term social costs for special education, health and other remediation costs

That’s why Start Early is committed to providing meaningful early learning experiences that help our youngest learners thrive and empower their parents.

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What We Do

Our comprehensive approach to early learning and care applies our deep expertise in program, policy and research so that children, families and educators can thrive.

Our Approach

Our Impact in Action

Learn more about how we’re supporting children, families, early childhood professionals and others as we improve the state of early learning in America.

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