About the 2022 National Home Visiting Summit

About the Summit

Start Early hosted the 2022 Virtual National Home Visiting Summit on March 22-24. Focused on the latest research, innovations and policies, the Summit brought together systems leaders, researchers, practitioners, policy advocates, key partners and decision makers in a collaborative pursuit to advance the home visiting field and systems of care to increase service quality and improve child and family outcomes.

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Sessions & Audience

The Summit is designed for state and federal systems leaders, researchers, program/practice leaders, policy advocates, home visiting professionals and parents interested in information that supports their role as contributors, decision-makers and influencers in the home visiting field.

The 2022 Summit consists of three days and will include the following engagements:

  • Affinity Groups
  • Communities of Practice
  • On-demand Content
  • Plenary Sessions
  • Poster Presentation
  • Virtual Capitol Hill Visits
  • Workshop Sessions

Communities of Practice

The National Home Visiting Summit offers two professional learning communities that meet throughout the year culminating with a community session held annually at the Summit. New and current members are welcome to join. To learn more about the Advocacy and Policy Community and Professional Development Community, visit the community page to learn more about membership and how to join.

Communities of Practice


  • On-demand sessions and recordings from all live sessions will be available via the conference website to all registered attendees
  • English and Spanish transcripts and closed captioning will be available for all on-demand content.


On Demand registration is open now through August 31, 2022.

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Audience On-Demand Registration Fee (Closes 8/31/22)
On-Demand Attendee $199

Completing Payment for the Summit

The National Home Visiting Summit accepts credit cards, purchase orders, and payments by check. Payments made by check or purchase order can be processed by selecting the ‘Bill Me Later’ option when registering. Start Early’s W9, along with a receipt (credit card payment or invoice (POs and checks) to complete payment will be in the confirmation email received at the time of completing registration.

If paying by check or purchase order, please adhere to the following:

  • Attendees paying by check or purchase order have 45 days to complete payment for the Summit or provide us with an explanation for extending the due date (i.e. waiting for new fiscal year). Written payment explanations should be made within 45 days of registration to [email protected].
  • Check and money orders must contain a copy of the invoice received in your confirmation email. Checks must be mailed to Start Early with the invoice, including attendee name and confirmation number, to accurately reconcile payment. Failure to include documentation may result in delays with reconciling your payment.
  • If someone else will be submitting payment on behalf of an attendee (I.e. a finance department or sponsoring organization) the attendee is responsible for ensuring that their invoice is included with this payment. Failure to include documentation may result in delays with reconciling your payment.
  • Receipts: For attendees who pay their registration fee via purchase order or check, a receipt will be emailed to the speaker once reconciled.


We are eager to support you during the submission process. Please email your inquiries to us at [email protected].

Our Conference Commitment

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB): Justice demands we take the necessary steps to reimagine and begin to create systems to ensure that every person has fair conditions, support and agency to live free of oppression, with humanity and joy. The COVID-19 pandemic has accentuated and once again brought the deep economic, social and racial disparities that exist in the United States to the forefront of public debate.

The National Home Visiting Summit seeks proposals demonstrating a clear connection to the meeting commitment of DEIB that advance the home visiting field and connected systems of care through innovations, diverse perspectives and with a focus on impact. The representation of parent and provider voice, as well as those who have been historically marginalized, will be elevated and prioritized during the Summit. Proposals should have clear learning objectives, specific strategies for engagement and relevance for the Summit audience.

Commitment to Using Inclusive Language

Language is powerful and – when it reflects lived experiences and the humanity and joy of all people language can serve as a conduit for change. As such, we encourage speakers to consider the narratives and modes of thinking that they would like to amplify about the individuals, families and communities they are in partnership with in their home visiting work. We encourage presenters to view each component of their presentation as an opportunity to demonstrate respect for the individuals, families and communities to help eliminate deficit-based perceptions related to gender identity, sexual orientation, race, disability, mental health, age or religion. We ask contributors to be thoughtful in proposals and presentations about the implications of language.

We recommend several resources for shifting language and thinking to center equity and intersectionality. We recognize that language is evolving and DEIB commitments are a lifelong journey and invite discussion, reflection and feedback in preparation for, during and after the Summit. Please email your comments and questions to the conference planning team.

Resources include:


  1. Promote and highlight issues of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging with an emphasis on re-creating systems to ensure that all children and families are supported fairly and equally.
  2. Contribute to and be a catalyst for field-building investments to design and strengthen the systems and infrastructure needed to ensure equitable ongoing program quality and to facilitate the commitment of increased public and private investments over time.
  3. Facilitate building strong national partnerships with local, state and national leaders to increase systems influence and inform policy nationwide.
  4. Provide leaders in the home visiting field and connected systems of care with a national forum for the exchange of best practices, emerging concepts and lessons learned across systems, states and models on the most relevant topics, adaptations and emerging challenges facing the home visiting field.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The National Home Visiting Summit provides an exclusive opportunity for a sponsor – whether corporate or individual – to demonstrate its commitment to children and families to hundreds of early childhood leaders from across the country. Please reach out to learn more about benefits and sponsorship opportunities for the 2023 National Home Visiting Summit.

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Call for Proposal

The 2023 National Home Visiting Summit Call for Proposals will open in Summer 2022. Join our mailing list to learn more about the Summit and to be notified when proposal submission is open.

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Communities of Practice

The National Home Visiting Summit’s Communities of Practice utilize the learning group’s collective knowledge and experience to promote broad practice, policy and systems change/knowledge building. Each community includes a group hosted on Early Childhood Connector, providing members with the ability to share resources and continue conversations between meetings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about this year’s virtual conference.

The virtual attendee hub will provide access and opportunities to connect with colleagues, speakers and other attendees virtually. Affinity group session will be offered to provide networking and dialogue sessions for attendees. Workshop speakers are encouraged to provide engagement opportunities during their sessions as well.

Yes, the conference planning team will provide information and training sessions for speakers and participants to help you maximize your virtual conference experience. Real-time tech support will be provided during the week of the Summit.

There will be no capacity limits on virtual participation at the 2022 Summit.

Yes! Please view the National Home Visiting Summit’s community agreement outlining our conference values and commitment to providing a harassment-free experience for all attendees.

Community Agreement


Session Length: 5-20 minutes
Delivery Method: On-demand
Session Description: Five to 20-minute pre-recorded presentation on key issues/questions facing the field. On-demand recordings can also focus on sharing a single resource, strategy or innovation.

In an effort to make recordings more accessible, English and Spanish closed captioning and written transcripts in both English and Spanish are required for all recordings. The conference organizer will provide technical assistance to all teams in need of support.

Workshop Session

Session Length: 45-minutes
Delivery Method: Live
Session Description: Explore topics of common interest using innovative thought-provoking content blended with audience participation. Presenters act as content leaders, presenting short segments of content and then lead engaging activities, group discussion and participant reflection segments on how to apply knowledge to practice. Virtual participants will engage via verbal and non-verbal strategies, including live chat, polling, Q&A, and breakout groups.

Virtual Poster Session

Session Length: 60-minutes
Delivery Method: Live
Session Description: Each poster team will receive a virtual booth to host their presentation and materials. In addition to your poster being available on the conference website, a live engagement session will be held.

Affinity Groups/Networking Session

Session Length: 30-45-minutes
Delivery Method: Live
Session Description: Host a virtual (via Zoom) affinity group or networking session. Affinity groups will be held during scheduled networking times.

We encourage you to attend as much as you can. However, your attendance at sessions or events is at your discretion.

Registrants will have access to session recordings and resources for six months after the Summit.

Yes view and download our 2022 agenda at a glance.

Agenda at a Glance

The Summit does not currently offer certificates or CEUs.

The period to submit proposals for 2023 will be announced soon.

Thank You to Our Generous Funders

The 2021 National Home Visiting Summit and Communities of Practice were made possible by:

Heising-Simons Foundation Pritzker Children's Initiative

Steering Committee

Featured Summit Resources

Logging On:

  • Visit hvsummit.startearly.org
  • Log in using the email address you registered with and the confirmation number located in your registration confirmation email.
  • Confirm and customize your profile information.

Important Information About Session Formats:

Make sure to register in advance for sessions that indicate registration is required to secure your spot. Capacity is limited for registration required sessions – recordings will be available for those not able to join registration required sessions due to capacity.

We Are Offering Two Types of Live Sessions at This Year’s Summit:

  • Registration required sessions are designed to support breakouts and verbal audience engagement with speakers and fellow attendees. Capacity limits have been placed on these sessions to keep the experience manageable for speakers and attendees. We plan to make additional slots available for sessions that have reached a full capacity throughout the week. Please cancel your registration if you will not be able to join a session to make space available for another attendee.
  • Livestream sessions do not require registration to attend and have a Live Stream button on the conference website to join.
  • All sessions are being recorded and will be posted to the conference website during the week.

Need help? Reach out to [email protected] with questions

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The National Home Visiting Summit brings together systems leaders, practitioners, advocates and decision-makers in a collaborative pursuit to advance the home visiting field and systems of care to increase service quality and improve outcomes.

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Thank You to Our Generous Funders

The 2021 National Home Visiting Summit and Communities of Practice were made possible by:

Steering Committee

Featured Summit Resources