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Tamara Tucker

Parent Leader

Tamara Tucker is a Black mother of six children who, as a teen, gave birth to her first born at the age of 17. She is now a grandmother to eight grandchildren. She is currently raising her oldest daughter’s youngest living child, due to her untimely death and, considering her tragedy, she is charged with the task of carrying on her daughter’s legacy. Tamara is a current member within the Michigan Home Visiting Parent Leadership Group. She has amazing parent leadership experience across many sectors in Michigan. She, too, has received national and state developed trainings in parenting and leadership. Her belief in these opportunities have led her to become a trainer for many of these opportunities that she once received. Tamara continues to be very active in her local community through volunteer and local system change work, while she maintains her membership with the state level group. Her passion for supporting families who are navigating challenges that she, too, has lived through brings a unique expertise in engaging families.